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QUICK WEATHER PAGE: This version of the weather page is in a simple text font and fast download format to make it more easily accessed on slow lines and dodgy internet connections.

How it all started
Clifden Sea Sports

Most of what you need for Clifden Sailing

Clifden Weather
Courtesy of the Norwegian Meteorological Institute

Irish Met Service ... Sea Area Forcasts Sea Area's Map

Local tides for Clifden ...

Current weather at
Clifden Harbour and Clifden Boat Club

Wind Guru ... Clifden

XC Weather
Quite handy for anywhere local in Ireland and UK

Basic Bracknel Fax Weather Charts for Europe
Alternative Bracknel Charts via Germany

Medium-Range Forecasts ... from the ECMWF

Most of what you need for Atlantic Crossings
A good Tropcal Overview (Hurricane watch)

UK Met Office ...Sea Area Forcasts ... Sea Areas Map

Easy Tide ... Tides for anywhere in the world

Passage Weather for Sailors
These guys even have ARC weather charts

Magic Seaweed Weather (Ireland&UK) ... North Atlantic ... ARC

Caribbean Synopsis,weather pic.
Caribean Latest shipping text update.

Text Forcast for Sea Areas on Atlantic Crossings ... Area Maps coming soon.


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