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Welcome to Damian Ward's site ...
Also Known As ... Globe Yachting .com

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Damian Ward :

Ocean Yachtmaster,
Yachtmaster Instructor,
Senior Dinghy Instructor,
Advanced Powerboat Instructor.
How it all started
Clifden Sea Sports



Mobile Phone: 087 2418569 (Overseas +353 87 2418569 )
Land Line: 095 21850 (Overseas +353 95 21850 )

Satellite phone from anywhere +881 631 42 54 51 (only in use when I'm at sea)

Free text facility to satellite phone
Iridium have already inserted the first four digits here ...
So just copy this part of my satellite number from here 31425451
Then paste in the number box, where prompted ... after the 8816.
Be sure to enter a reply email address.

Type your message in the next box.
Then just click "Send Message". Any replies can be accessed from your email inbox.

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Message Board
Photo Gallery
NOT available
Story Book

Short Video Clip of a
bit of weather during a
Trans-At on a 38ft Cat

(Courtesy of Doug Hendrix)
Full Trans-At_video
About 30 mins long